Recycle bin corrupted

  Channel 23 Nov 12

I've reinstalled Windows7 on my laptop, following problems, and all seems well, except since I reinstalled my Freecom Network drive,I keep getting message that the recycle bin on Drive F (the network Drive)is corrupted.I used the instructions on to remedy this,but no solution.I also tried it to clear C drive bin.Finally,I used check disk for both drives,not to fix anything, just to check,receiving the report that both were 100% Ok.I found on instructions to delete the bin in My Computer, but the folder $Recycle.Bin is absent, and a search doesn't locate it.Any ideas ? I'm fed up with the error message appearing each time I delete anything, or empty the Bin.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Nov 12
  1. On the desktop click on Computer

  2. Click on Organize on the top left menu then Folder and Search Options and open the Folder Options Window

  3. Click on the View tab and check the Show hidden files, folders and drives click Apply and Ok. *This will display the hidden folder $Recycle.Bin when you click on your drive

  4. Locate and right click on the $Recycle.Bin folder and rename it to something else. Right click on corrupt bin and delete it.

    Must rename $Recycle.Bin before deleting or it may continue throwing errors like Denied access or when you think it is deleted you see its still in your drive.

  5. Refresh your desktop. You should now be able to use the recycle bin normally.

  Channel 23 Nov 12

Thanks for your reply-but that was the suggestion in the last site I mentioned above, which I'd tried, but in spite of enabling hidden folders etc, the $Recycle.Bin folder wasn't visible/present.

  Secret-Squirrel 24 Nov 12

"but that was the suggestion in the last site I mentioned above, which I'd tried, but in spite of enabling hidden folders etc, the $Recycle.Bin folder wasn't visible/present."

Don't forget that you also need to untick the Hide protected operating system files box in the Folder Options section.

Make sure you remember to put things back to how they were when you're finished.

  Channel 24 Nov 12

Thank you so much Secret-Squirrel.I hadn't realised about unticking the protected files box.When done, the $Recycle.Bin folder was visible, and I've changed its name, deleted it, and all seems well.I have put things back as they were.It's a relief to have solved an annoying problem.


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