Recycle Bin

  Macaonasa 20:38 26 Jul 03

I have 2 hard drives. I'm just wondering if the recycle is stored on the slave because, when I delete a file or empty the bin when the slave is knocked off in powersave, I can hear the drive switch on!

  BillEmm 22:15 26 Jul 03

If you delete files on your 2nd drive then they are saved on that drive.

Each drive on your system has a reserved area for recycle bin objects that are deleted on the specific drive.

  Macaonasa 22:19 26 Jul 03

These are files I've deleted from my master drive.

  DieSse 22:56 26 Jul 03

But the two recycle bins are inextricably interlinked, that's why the slave drive starts up.

  Macaonasa 11:26 27 Jul 03

Thanks People!

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