Recovery Softwear

  Chaz2004 21:04 29 Aug 04

Hi i want to know if anyone knows about recovery programs as i dont know any. My notebook has its own recovery system lucky it but the PC does not. Does anyone know any good websites to get this softwear? Every time i need to get it restored i need to take it down to the computer shop and he gave me a disc to give him ebery time and it costs me £10 each time to get it resored. I want this softwear so i dont have the hassle o getting it into the card taking it down and also paying the guy £10.

Please can anyone help?

  Chris the Ancient 21:12 29 Aug 04

Best ever FREE recovery programs

click here

  Belatucadrus 21:26 29 Aug 04

click here for general file restoration.
click here for photo recovery.

  Chaz2004 21:36 29 Aug 04

It for a full system recovery

  Belatucadrus 23:17 29 Aug 04

What operating system ?

  Chaz2004 16:42 31 Aug 04


  Chaz2004 16:43 31 Aug 04

XP Home

  Belatucadrus 20:29 01 Sep 04

Now confused, XPhome comes with 'System Restore' what are you doing that screws up your system beyond the point that System restore works ? could you also say what program the computer shop is using to reserect your PC.

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