Recovery Discs

  spook88 21:30 PM 13 Feb 12


Does anybody have any suggestions of which type of recovery discs are best to buy for use when creating the recovery discs on a new p.c?

i.e DVD+RW or DVD-RW 4.7GB etc etc


  steve12345 21:59 PM 13 Feb 12

I don't think its worth buying RW discs for recovery discs. Just use DVD-R discs for the greatest compatability (DVD+R should be ok as well). Single-layer should be fine (4.7GB) but check with your recovery disc creator as it may need a Dual-Layer disc. (Mine did)

Also, I think most PC's can boot from usb-keydrives nowadays, so you may like to make a recovery keydrive as well. They are fairly cheap now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:12 PM 13 Feb 12

Forget RW disks as they won't last long.

Make a second set of disks as well in case one of the original fail.

Best option is to image regularly to an external drive for further safety.

  spook88 09:19 AM 14 Feb 12

...thanks to all for those suggestions.

  sharpamat 09:25 AM 14 Feb 12

I have found RW discs will normally be rejected, as only a single set can normally be made you can then copy them to have a spare set, dont forget to number them


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