Recovering saved documents.??

  Fay2 22:40 14 Feb 09

Does anyone know to recover a word document that has been written over.

I accidently ... or stupidly.. saved a document with the same name as an already saved document. How I did it I don't know .... but I've lost twelve pages of work ... for one page ...

I was hoping it might be hiding somewhere


  Sea Urchin 23:37 14 Feb 09

Are you sure you have overwritten it? If you save a document with the same name as an existing one you will get the following prompt:

click here

  Sea Urchin 23:45 14 Feb 09

If you definitely have then some things to consider

click here

  Fay2 11:21 15 Feb 09

thanks Urchin .... I did get the 'box' asking me what to do ..... I must have been tired and obviously pressed the wrong button. I didn't realise what I'd done until later and then I didn't dare close down, in case it was much harder to retrieve it. Your second option looks interesting, I'm just looking at the Microsoft recovery program.

Thanks again for your help.


  Sea Urchin 11:50 15 Feb 09

Some more thoughts from Microsoft

click here

  Chris the Ancient 12:10 15 Feb 09

That is one heck of a link in your second post.

I've bookmarked and saved it in case I ever do anything like that.

  Fay2 12:19 15 Feb 09

That looks interesting as well, I have obviously tried the first option the 'search box'.

I downloaded the Microsoft Recovery but I think my computer just couldn't take the amount of recoverable files that it was starting to show .. so it 'stopped responding'. I still looks a great program ... it threw things up I forgot I had.

Anyway things aren't quite so bad ... I remembered this morning that I just might have saved some pages to my external HD ... and I had .... so I've managed to recover all but two pages .... and learnt a valuable lesson.

Thankyou so much for your input.


  Sea Urchin 13:01 15 Feb 09

Glad to hear you've been able to find most of the pages. If you type important data in Word then it's not a bad idea to have the "backup" ticked as a possible safety net. Go to Tools/Options/Save tab/ and tick "Always Create backup Copy".

  Fay2 17:19 15 Feb 09

Thanks for you kind words Sea Urchin .....don't worry .... I did that straight away not taking any more chances.... and I've caught up with myself ... can now take the night


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