Recovering files of removable media

  Nappy1610 11:37 17 Dec 03

Help!! ive got an external hard disk which i have just deleted some files that i now urgently need from!! Is there anyway i could possibly unerase these files??

Thanks for any help

  Diodorus Siculus 11:48 17 Dec 03

Depends on how you deleted them. If only by emptying the recycle bin, then Restoration should do it:
click here

  Gemma 12:59 17 Dec 03

as the more you use it the worse things get. If your files are in the recycle folder then a "right click -restore" will do it.
If they're not or the files were deleted by a program then Diodorus Siculus link looks worth a go. If the above does not work then you will need some serious data recovery software.

I have had results with GetDataBack click here on a very "distressed" drive. Before you buy recovery software phone the support people and describe your exact set-up. I advise this because some of the applications use low level drivers and the fact that your drive is external may matter.

  Jester2K II 13:05 17 Dec 03

Restoration is very good for this. Used it last week to recover from a deleted floppy.

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