Recover Photos and Files

  jim63 09:29 24 Feb 07

Photo's and files that are recovered using Digital Image Recovery when you delete them again are they stored again on hard drive.
If so is there a way of permately deleting them without deleting other stuff on hard drive

  Technotiger 09:34 24 Feb 07

click here

this should do it.

  ribo 10:36 24 Feb 07

I would not think so. The prog.puts them into a folder. and the originals should still be in the original position on the HDD., if you delete the folder,or the contents of it.
I am not sure about this,but this is the way I think it will work. Hope this is what you mean. J

  jack 10:53 24 Feb 07

If you 'Delete' stuff than as I think you are aware the the disk space is made available, but the files can be found until such time as that space is completly over written.
Then only way to 'destroy' those files to format the disk- thus losing stuff you may need to keep.
If this is your primary hard drive [C] then this means a reload of your O/S and programs.
I'm sure you wont want to do that.
If it is an external device - Card/HDD etc., then reformat no probs. Camera media cards must be reformatted in the camera

  Technotiger 11:16 24 Feb 07

Sorry to contradict mate, but that is not correct. Format is certainly NOT needed. My link above gives the total solution. There are other programs that do the same thing, but this is the one I use.

ribo - simply deleting the folder does not completely remove the files either.

  hssutton 12:55 24 Feb 07

formatting does not delete your files,as they can still be recovered. Numerous applications are available such as click here

"Camera media cards must be reformatted in the camera"

Again this is not strictly correct, especially if using Compactflash. I have been using C/flash for well over 6 years and unless I'm out in the "field" I always format my cards via the PC. For Canon DSLRs format as Fat 32. Other makes may require formatting as Fat.

Quote from Fuji "When I put my CompactFlashâ„¢ card in to my camera it gives an error message?

A: This is normally due to an error in the formatting of the CompactFlashâ„¢ card. To solve the issue you need to re-format the card either in your camera or in a reader/writer. However if you format your card you will lose any data/picture that are held on it. click here

  jack 13:53 24 Feb 07

"Sorry to contradict mate, but that is not correct. Format is certainly NOT needed. My link above gives the total solution. "
No need to be sorry TT there is so much going on its impossible to keep abreast of it all.
Sounds a good piece to bookmark-
Not that I would ever need it for me mind you-
A. because there is nothing on my computer that could be compromising or useful to some one.
And B last but not least I have in my workshop the most effective disk data denial device yet devised
A Bloody big hammer

  Technotiger 13:56 24 Feb 07

Cheers - glad you did not take offence :-)

  ribo 10:19 26 Feb 07

The way I read jim63 post, was that he did not particularly want to delete the files permanently.
I thought he wanted to delete the pictures found by Digital Image Recovery and was asking that if he did that would the original pictures (the ones the prog. found) still be on the Hard Drive.
I seem to be the only one that has interpreted his thread in this way. and again,I must have got it wrong.Funny how poeple can read the same thing and come up with an enirely different interpretation. J

  Technotiger 12:53 26 Feb 07

Yes, I read it that jim63 wants to permanently delete the files, and my link above will do just that - not even Bill Gates could find them again :-)

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