Recover data from Unallocated Backup Drive

  Taff™ 22 Apr 12

I must have been lapsing in concentration on Friday. I was restoring an image from a backup drive partition and stupidly pulled the power supply for that drive thinking it was the printer. (I know - don't grin like that!)

The upshot is that the NTFS partition became unallocated. About 350Gb. Any tried and tested solutions or am I resigned to reconstructing the backups as best I can? It's impossible to replicate some of the material on there anyway.

I have tried Recuva which is hopelessy inadequate although it found some picture files and reported that the they had not been overwritten.

  Jollyjohn 22 Apr 12

Have a look at Testdisk I have used it in the past to recover data from a wrongly formatted partition.

  robin_x 22 Apr 12

Partition Wizard (or the Bootable CD for non booting machines).

Partition Recovery Wizard is listed as an option in the left column when you run the app.

Very quick, has worked for me on occasion. Never tried from pulling the plug though.

  Taff™ 22 Apr 12

Thanks Guys. I'll try these suggestions later and report back. May be some time as guests for lunch but might manage to slip away. Mind you the length of time these scans might take (3 Hours for Recuva yesterday) I might as well pop to the pub and enjoy the lunch whilst they are searching.

  T0SH 14 Jun 12

Make yourself a Linux Live CD, boot to it then mount the problem drive to get access to your data, from there you can copy paste it to an external or internal drive

I regularly use Slax linux on a bootable USB stick or live CD for data recovery

Cheers HC

  HondaMan 25 Jun 12

I have a number of external drives (NTFS) and it is not at all unusual for one of them to become "unassigned". My simple quick fix is to go into disk management and simply assign a new drive letter. All the data remains intact and thus far, I have not lost a single file.


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