recording sounds problem

  Maryp 13:29 20 Nov 04

I'm trying to record some songs from tapes/records onto pc then onto cd. I'm using ahead nero software which I've used before with no problems, but now it wont work.
It wont record any sounds except static. I've tried in both the microphone socket, and the liein socket, but that doesn't help. I can hear the songs through the PC speakers, but recording console shows no input level. As I say, it worked fine about 6 months ago, what have I done wrong this time? I've tried a different cable to se if that was the problem.

  pj123 13:46 20 Nov 04

I can't say what you have done this time, but I don't think you used Nero to record from tape/record on to your hard disk. You need something like LP Recorder from click here to do that. Once it is on your hard disk then you can use Nero to burn it to cd.

  Maryp 14:10 20 Nov 04

It's Nero Wave editor that I use to record onto PC.

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