recording radio

  snooker 10:45 10 Feb 03

I would like to record a radio programme to hard disc so as to put it on cd.
Is there a way (or application)to set the programme to record at a predetermined time.

  Lú-tzé 10:53 10 Feb 03

Try Total Recorder - perfect for what you want.

  Lú-tzé 10:55 10 Feb 03

click here to get it

  Ben Avery (Work) 11:08 10 Feb 03

Just as a warning, recording off the radio is illegal so be warned!


  Ben Avery (Work) 11:09 10 Feb 03

Steinberg's "Wavelab" will do the job nicely. Not that I'm advocating it, just answering your query. Good for recording cassette/vinyl to CD too.


  Lú-tzé 12:06 10 Feb 03

There is a thread somewhere here which says that recording from the BBC site for personal use is permissable. It was posted by a regular contributor who enquired with the BBC about the issue. Whether or not other sites allow this practice, I do not know.

  Ben Avery (Work) 12:15 10 Feb 03

When I was studying music at college, we were informed that any downloaded/recorded music was not permissable without

1) the consent of the artist &/or his company/representatives


2) if you pay MCPS money to cover the necessary royalties (this applies also to live bands covering songs by other artists) assuming the artist in question has not put a waver in the MCPS contract (Like Michael Jackson) which does not allow the standard practice of paying the MCPS people.

It was advised for many years that recording the "Top 40" was a standard yet illegal practice (BBC Radio) something everyone does but will never get told off for. Personally, I wouldn't really be too bothered about it, even the BBC recognise it is not going to ever be followed up.

It's like the law which states that all Taxi drivers must carry a bail of hay in their vehicle (from the days of horse-drawn carriages which has still not been adapted! Cool huh?) Can't seea police Officer pulling over a Taxi driver for that, yet "technically" it is still illegal.



  Ben Avery (Work) 12:16 10 Feb 03

It's been some years since I was at college so things could well have changed since then?! Don't wanna step on anyone's toes, that's just what we were taught!


  snooker 13:41 10 Feb 03

Thanks folks

It was a hyperthetical question of course I wouldn;t want to break the law.

- Although I haven't had to share a black cab with a pile of hay as yet!

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