Recording from Hi Fi to Laptop

  Dave510 12:01 25 Sep 12

When I record the Vinyl from My Hi Fi to Laptop I get background noise ie television on or Someone talking in the Backdround. if I turn off the Microphone in Sounds it does not record Can you help Its plugged into Microphone socket and RCA Cables through an adapter plugged into phones on the Hi Fi. Can you help?


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  PhilBoy59 02:14 26 Sep 12

You need a freebie prog like Audacity or media monkey and a dedicated line in lead from Maplin or 1 of that mob. Assuming your pc has a line in input ....most do.

www superfi might be able to help try their support it cant hurt

Failing that phone or email what hifi magazine you might get a bored hifi journo.... I have. A cd recorded on hifi and taken to pc is obviously the simplest way maybe you could organise this

Phil of Whittlesey Peterborough

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