recorded dvd wont play on my dvd player

  davey 21:50 06 Feb 05

I have copied a dvd on both a dvd-r and dvd+r blank discs using nero encoder, the discs have copied successfully, but I cant play them from my sony stand alone dvd player which is hooked up to my television. The copied discs play on my pc ok no problems, has any one got any ideas as to where Im going wrong.


  Haggismuncheruk 22:05 06 Feb 05

hi, i use nero too for burning dvd's somewhere in the menu's there is a option to burn with a high compatibilty setting, try that if not is the dvd finalized i have used dvd recorders that don't finalize automatically but still play in the original drive but wont on another until its finalized

  davey 22:14 06 Feb 05

it appears to be finalized, but cant find where the option to burn at high compatibility is within nero any other ideas


  davey 22:18 06 Feb 05

im using nero recode is that the correct way,


  jimv7 22:43 06 Feb 05

Try nero vision express.

  davey 00:16 08 Feb 05

have un istalled my old copy of nero, been and bought the nero 6 reloaded, and even downloaded the latest updates. After spending 60.00 on this new version I cannot copy any dvd's as it keeps saying the target disc isnt big enough, i thought when you use the recode application it was supposed to fit on a 4.7gb dvd disc. In fact ive gone backwards as i originally started this thread for help on why copied dvd's wouldnt play on my standard dvd recorder, at least before i could use recode and copy dvd's, can anyone help me please.


  Vague Boy 01:52 08 Feb 05

What speed are you copying the disks at? I have a Sony DVD player (about 4 years old) which wouldn't play disks burned at 8x but has no problem with those created at 4x.

  TomJerry 09:43 08 Feb 05

they only play DVD-ROM, you need to set "booktype"

if you have retail version of Nero (not download one), you have an option (right click burner selection) to change "BookType" to DVD-ROM for +R disks. The +R disks burned this way behave as -ROM discs and can be played by any DVD players. However, only some DVD writers support "BookType" setting

  davey 12:11 08 Feb 05

thanks for the replies will try this evening when I get home, but I still need help in why when using recode2 i get a error message saying the blank dvd disc hasnt enough space im using 4.7g discs. the message says something like the target device has insufficient space


  Totally-braindead 12:29 08 Feb 05

My next door neighbour has a top of the range Sony DVD player, admitadly its a bit old, hes had it 3 years now, but it won't play copies at all. Hes a bit miffed as my £30 DVD player will play everything. Suggest you try the burned DVDs in someone elses player, at least that way you'll know if its a problem with the disks or if its your player. Trying it on a couple of DVD players is the best bet if you can, just to be sure.

  davey 20:24 08 Feb 05

can any one help with this post now pulling me hair out, have totally uninstalled previous version of nero 6 and nero 6 reloaded, spoke to nero tech person who to be honest was not much help. have downloaded the nero clean up tools etc. I just cant get recode 2 to copy a dvd to a standard 4.7g, the error message i get is This compilation exceeds your target size please disable any unecessary extras or deslect some audio streams. Whats frustrating is my previous nero reload not sure what version could copy a standard dvd on to a blank 4,7g dvd disc PLEASE can anyone help me


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