Record music cassettes to your Pc & Cd

  mulva42 18:35 21 Apr 05

Hi all,
Like most of you oldies out there, I have Cassettes with some good music on them, the time has come for me to try and get them onto my pc and maybe burn them onto a cd. Now I know if I want to keep them on my HDD then the best thing to do is convert from Wav to mp3 to save space. the problem I have is what is the best software to copy the music from tape and transfer them. I have Nero soundtrax but since I have never done this type of thing before, is Nero soundtrax good enough for this or is there a better more simpler program out there I can use?

Rock on.....



  timeteam2004 18:46 21 Apr 05
  mulva42 19:22 21 Apr 05

Wow nice site, Thanks Timeteam2004..I will DIG out my Engelbert Humperdinck and give that a bash..

Many thanks..

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