record chat conversations

  rsturbo 01:17 27 Aug 03

i need to keep a record of my childrens chat conversations on msn and aol. is there a way of doing this? if so how and without them knowing. am using win ME and win 98se.

ps don't mean screen captures but actual script of there conversations

thanks in advance for any help

  Peverelli 01:26 27 Aug 03

This is often a contentious issue on this site -but- type 'keylogger' into Google and take your choice. It's up to you of course, but maybe you should consider what they'd think if they DID find out, before you go ahead.

  Djohn 01:30 27 Aug 03

I can well understand your concern for your children, quite right too. But I think this may be best looked at from a different angle. Regards. j.

  -pops- 06:16 27 Aug 03

Think long and hard before you do this.

Also think that children's computer knowledge knows almost no bounds and one of the big conversations in school playgrounds is how to over-ride nanny ware that has been installed by "well meaning" parents and adults. This could (can, does?) easily extend to methods of detecting and jamming the type of spying programs that you intend to install.


  Jester2K II 08:21 27 Aug 03

MSN 6 has one built in. Look under Tools Menu, Options, Messages, Message Logging.

  rainbow79 09:23 27 Aug 03

This is an invasion of their privacy.
And Jester2K II, even I could manage to untick that box!

  Jester2K II 09:31 27 Aug 03

I didn't say it was fool proof.

rsturbo is going to do it anyway.

Let rsturbo worry about the ethics of it.

  rainbow79 09:36 27 Aug 03

I wasn't having a go at you Jester2K II.

  Magik ®© 09:37 27 Aug 03

it is not right, better to trust them...

  Bodi 09:46 27 Aug 03

rsturbo has regarding this issue, however, "recording" conversations may cause even bigger problems.

All chat rooms on my computer are off limits - blocked by Norton Internet Security and that way my grandchildren cannot access them. I also periodically check to see they are not browsing the internet, but only visiting the sites they themselves requested. Mostly games cheat sites, and BBC etc.

Probably of no help whatsoever, just my thoughts on the problem.


  rsturbo 23:37 27 Aug 03

the logs are to be used only in the event of them being of grave importance, and for this no apologies are necessary, as regards privacy and ethics i totally agree with what is said and have no intention of general 'nosing' i take them (my children) to be responsible individuals, i am just trying to be responsible whilst still allowing them freedom.

thanks for the input probably going with click here

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