record of CC and BCC mails sent in OE?where

  p;3 19:48 16 May 05

using OE to send mails; when mail is sent with a CC and a BCC copy (ie three mails sent in total), where does it store the cc and BCC copies? does it store them?

Have just sent threee of the same message to different recipients but only get one copy to save in my local folders; is that correct or should I find them somewhere else, and if so where in OE do I look?

  VoG II 19:53 16 May 05

No there's only one copy no matter how many ccs and bccs you send.

  Border Collie 20:31 16 May 05

In the To field send one to yourself, the rest as CC or BCC, BCC is preferable as it stops their e-mail addresses being reveiled to others.

You will then have one copy in your sent items and another in received.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:34 16 May 05

CC is stored in the headers of the mail that is sent.

BCC is stored only in the header of the mail _before_ it is sent; your local copy of the mail will have it, the sent copy will not.

  p;3 20:41 16 May 05

what has annoyed me; I have sent threee people the same email but wished to have proof that I have actually sent them to those people , in case there is any dispute that one of them has not been informed; at present I can see no record that all threee have been sent:((

  pimpers 22:52 16 May 05

I don't think there is such an email programme that will do what you want.

The only other thing to do is to send a receipt and hope they, the recipient will click on yes when the pop up apears.

To achieve this open OE and click on tools/options/receipt and tick the box to alway send a receipt.


  DieSse 23:05 16 May 05

"at present I can see no record that all threee have been sent"

You can never have proof of being sent, other than it's left your system. No matter how many copies you send, it only leaves your system once - and you've got that record that it did so.

The best proof is proof of delivery (as in the old Post Office adage - "proof of sending is not proof of delivery")

If it's relly important to you on a regular baisi, you can use a service such as click here search Google for others.

Slightly lesser proof is the receipt option, as above.

And - you could always send the email to each individual seperately, then you would have three copies in your sent box!

  Diodorus Siculus 07:50 17 May 05

Look in the headers of the email that you sent; it will have details of destinations. But as suggested above, there is no proof of delivery and very little of it even being sent. I can easily copy an email to my sent folder and say that I sent it.

  Lionheart ? 07:57 17 May 05

You could use this click here will let you know automatically when an e-mail has been read. Its free, use it myself all the time.

  Lionheart ? 08:22 17 May 05

Sorry should have read your post properly MSGTAG will not tag multiple recipient addresses, but as stated above you could always email each one separately, then they would be tagged.

  recap 08:40 17 May 05

All your emails are stored in C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\. But as posted above, there would only be one message no matter how many cc or bcc are sent.

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