Recommended upgrade

  NoeK 22:36 15 Feb 05

Hi there

I'm considering upgrading my current computer:

Intel Pentium 4 3.2Ghz with HT, 512mb DDR RAM, 120gb 7,200 rpm hard-drive, 128mb GeForce FX 5200 and Windows XP Home Edition.

I was considering a RAM upgrade to 1gb or a new graphics card, maybe a GeForce 6600 GT? I play a lot of games including Half-Life 2 and i expect i will be doing so in the future releases. What upgrade would my PC best benefit from please?

Thanks in advance

P.S My maximum budget is £130.

  Bleep 22:54 15 Feb 05

First priority would be to get the graphics card : PNY Verto GeForce 6 6600GT AGP8x 128MB GDDR3 click here

Then save up for the RAM upgrade, if you must keep to your budget spend the lot on the gpahics card. Yoyr 512MB will do for now, upgrade it 1GB when you have the funds the single biggest gaming performance you will get with your specs is spending as much as you can on a good card and the 6600GT fits that mid range bill.

  NoeK 22:59 15 Feb 05

Fantastic, thanks alot.

Ill look into the link and follow your suggestions.


  ANDRO 22:59 15 Feb 05

I upgraded my ram to 1g from 500 and something but the difference was hardly worth it. I updated my graphic`s card to a ati 9600xt and its great, no problems with doom and half life2 and the card is cheap now as its not the in thing.

  NoeK 23:01 15 Feb 05


  dagwoood 23:13 15 Feb 05

Some 6600GT's click here

Checkout the price for the OcUK GeForce 6600 GT, when you add the cost of delivery, it'll cost you £133.

Only thing with this card is to make sure you have a good power supply.


  dagwoood 23:16 15 Feb 05

Sorry, I can't add up. With delivery it would be just over £136(they usually use royal mail next day. My 6600gt was delivered at 7.30am!).


  NoeK 23:18 15 Feb 05

Many thanks, and you also reminded me, i'm not to sure as to wheter i will be able to supply the GeForce with enough power; how many power connections does it need and is it the same sort of connection that you use to power the CD-ROM drives, hard drives ect.?


  Bleep 00:09 16 Feb 05

The 6600GT draws its power from the AGP slot it does'nt need connection to the PSU, it will run happy on a 300w PSU, Dont panic.

  Bleep 00:11 16 Feb 05

Take that back I was think of 6600 you will need a spare connector but a 300w PSU with 1 HDD set-up will be fine..

  NoeK 11:42 16 Feb 05

Thanks, not sure on how to exactly find out what my PSU power is; i purchased the PC from PC World, its a Compaq Presario S7500UK so i'm not too sure on its full specification. But i'm cluching at straws to think that it has enough power to supply the graphics card, after all it was, unfortulately, £600 (and that was a reduced offer!)

Many thanks.

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