Recommendations on this fan plz

  Gran_T_Boy 16:10 24 Jan 03

My pc currently runs at 52c, and i was having a lot of problems with unstable, crashing etc.

so iv decided on buying a new cpu fan, it is a THERMALTAKE VOLCANO 7 from here click here, i have a p4 1.6 ghz, but im not too sure on my m/b.

could anyone provide some info if this seems a good one or not? cause iv got no idea on speeds of fans and everything concerning them!

i was aiming for a quiet fan, but worthy enough to keep it at a suitable temp!

thanks for any help


  woodchip 16:16 24 Jan 03

How much software have you got on your drive, What OS

  Gran_T_Boy 16:19 24 Jan 03

winxp pro, and 10gb out of 40gb, i formated it at the weekend to see if it would make a change, but nothing!

  woodchip 16:23 24 Jan 03

Just read a Article in a new Mag yesterday and Windows fall's over with between 2 AND 4gB software your temps are not the problem

  Gran_T_Boy 18:36 24 Jan 03

sorry, i had to go out earlier and couldnt reply.

so what could u sugest i do woodchip? i have no knowledge at all in this subject!

  jediknight007 18:43 24 Jan 03

You could try buying a new PSU. What is your current PSU? You might need to buy a higher powered one. It's quite a common cause of crashing PCs.

  woodchip 18:46 24 Jan 03

Remove software that you do not use, until you get to a reasonable level. Use the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel

  Gran_T_Boy 20:30 24 Jan 03

well, right now i have a 400 psu, i'll giv my pc another clean up and uninstal programs i dont need!

could u also tell me if the cpu fan is good? cause my friend has now seen it and is wondering if he should buy it!

thanks for all your help!


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