Recommend a moderate graphics card?

  starslayer 18:20 02 Apr 03

Back again peeps...
My tentative spec is the Asus A7V8X Deluxe Mobo, with an Athlon XP 2100+ CPU, and at least 256mb of DDR RAM. Can anyone point in the direction of a graphics card that will facilitate adequate DVD playback and occasional gaming? Ideally (and I know this may be stretching my luck) I'd luck something that will hold it's own at these tasks for the next 3 or 4 years and is sub-£100. BTW, I'm using a Samsung Syncmaster 953s monitor, which I gather is not too punchy in terms of resolution; don't know if that makes much difference but I thought I'd mention it. Help would be appreciated by a relative novice...

  sil_ver 19:05 02 Apr 03

I had a GeForce2Ti 64MB DDR RAM Which I bought some time ago for about £60 and is an absolutely brilliant card for the money. If you can't get one then you could try for a GeForce4 Ti4200 64 or 128Mb DDR RAM which you might pick up sub £100. I would not recommend the MX series as I don't think the're any good by comparison.

  Ironman556 19:12 02 Apr 03

Just bought a GF4 Ti 4200 64 Mb (Albatron) for £120, came with software for DVD, and a couple of games. They're not a bit cheaper on and, you could get a 128 Mb card for a little over £100 now.

Otherwise, try a Radeon 7500 Pro or higher. Sapphire Radeons apparently come out the same factory as the Gigabyte version, they're a bit cheaper but the bundle is different.

  professor 20:03 02 Apr 03

go with either a Sis Exaber 400\600 should cost about £70-90 i think or you could get a Radeon 9000 64MB DDR for about £80 ive got it and its great i can run Unreal Tournament 2003 with everything set to high detail the only thing set at normal is somthing to do with how real it looks when i die by some weapon or another


oh and the resolution is 800x600 with anti-A at 4x and smoothvision at 2x

  professor 20:05 02 Apr 03

forgot to say the Radeon9000 is great at DVD playing as well all in all a great cheap G.card!!


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