Recommend a Free Video Splitter

  Patr100 21:49 07 Nov 04

Could people recommend a freeware (preferably not shareware) Mpeg & avi splitter/joiner that they actually have used - and possibly combined joiner
program - that like for like , does not make the split or combined ouput file much larger than the individual inputted files but maintains the quality.

I can use my Power Producer prog to do this but it takes much longer and the split files are actually larger file sizes that the originals .
I want to crop, reduce the file size but keep the original quality.

  MichelleC 09:01 08 Nov 04

Here's one click here

  Sethhaniel 10:08 08 Nov 04

Movie Maker
mamde my 20mb avi into 6mb wm file wwith no loss

  Patr100 11:46 08 Nov 04

Tried virtual dub but it only produces avi not Mpeg and the files are much larger.

Haven't got WMM - will try that next then.

Any others?

  MichelleC 12:56 08 Nov 04

Here's another 2 click here click here

  Sethhaniel 13:19 08 Nov 04

should be part of the system - look under programs/Movie Maker - - if not download from Mirosoft site ;)

  keith-236785 14:06 08 Nov 04

i know you asked for free, but this is shareware, take a look click here

  Patr100 16:53 08 Nov 04

Thanks for suggestions.

paperman27, have tried some from that site but their trial period is only a few days before they stop working so have limited use.

MichelleC - A couple to try later along with WMM.

There are quite a few progs out there that appear at first glamce do the job but in practice they too often produce a larger file after cropping than the original - which kind of defeats part of the reason to crop.

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