Recommend a Database

  DRiM 18:40 27 Mar 03

I need a good database program which will handle up to 300 files with up to 150 fields on each file. I am looking for something that is fairly easy to use, price is not especially important.

Can any experienced users suggest one?



  Forum Editor 19:27 27 Mar 03

might help us to give better advice.

Is this database going to run on a network server or is it simply for a standalone machine?

Will there be Web interactivity?

Multi-user input or single user?

What kind of reporting output will you need?

Operating system?

  DRiM 14:36 28 Mar 03

Sorry, I didn't realise this was so complicated.

I intend selling ready prepared files to my customers (the NHS) which will allow them to fill in the fields and build their own database, probably on stand alone machines, with the ability to print out individual files, and to sort the data across files ie statistical data concerning the numbers with each field entered etc.

They will be using Windows, (probably various versions) and I accept that they will have to purchase the database program to use the file templates they buy from me.

Does that help?

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