recommend a basic html/mht editor to remove content?

  theDarkness 20 Jun 11

I need a webpage html editor that I can easily remove items from. I would like it to be able to open mht files. I have tried Kompozer so far, but it often "cannot open webpage for unknown reason", possibly due to using certain content eg frames - so can anyone recommend something with far better compatibility? I dont need anything too advanced, as im only needing it at present to highlight and remove images and text (eg adverts) on saved pages in order to save paper as I print each website. Thanks for any help :)

  adam32 20 Jun 11

That started off (I think) as a request for a text/code editor or IDE, but ended up being about the common problem of websites that lack print CSS.

To fix the omissions of lazy designers, you would be better off using a bookmarklet (such as Printliminator), a browser add-on (such as Aardvark for Firefox), or possibly custom user CSS (for those browsers that support this feature). Either of the first two options are your best and most convenient solution.

  theDarkness 21 Jun 11

I eventually managed to reduce/delete unwanted material by before printing by adding my saved webpage into microsoft office (2007). Not the perfect way to do it perhaps, but I got what I needed in the end-although not everything seemed to be editable.

Thanks for the replies, I will try those methods in future :)

  Ansolan 21 Jun 11


If you like simplified pages, worth looking Readability


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