Recognising second disk drive

  Windsor 12:39 02 Jun 06

I am recently reinstalled xp sp2 due to an obscure fault before.
However, although the BIOS recognises I have two hard drives, 'Computer' only show one. How can I get it to recognize the second one?
Any help would be much appreciated.


  Gongoozler 12:47 02 Jun 06

Have a look in Disk Management click here. You may need to format the second drive.

  Windsor 12:50 02 Jun 06

Thanks Gongoozler

The disk is showing in the device manage window but not anywhere else other than in BIOS.

  Tabvla 13:23 02 Jun 06

Yes, that is correct. The disk will show in the Disk Management window even if it is unformatted. (XP uses the term Initialize)

You must first format (initialize) the disk and let Windows assign it a drive letter before you will be able to see the disk in Explorer.

Explorer can only see disks or partitions that have been assigned a drive letter e.g. D: Before that the disk or partition is invisible to Explorer.

  powerless 15:32 02 Jun 06
  Windsor 15:54 02 Jun 06

Thanks all of you. I eventually went into Administrative Tools in Control Panel, then to Disk Management and installed it. It now works - I was VERY reluctant to reformat!!

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