Recipient does not receive attachment

  Tinal 15:02 05 Aug 06

Am getting grief from someone that I have sent a small Excel s/sheet yo as an attachment because, altho it was definately attached when it left me, it doesn't arrive with them.
Am using Outlook 2002 with rich text format running under XP 5.1.
This has happened before when sending to someone else. But attachements sent to myself at work arrive fine, and to most other friends.
One possible common denominator with those that don't receive attachment is that they have oldish kit.
Any help would be appreciated.

  Jackcoms 15:07 05 Aug 06

The recipient could have the option enabled in his/her e-mail client which says "do not allowed attachments to be saved or opened which could potentially be a virus".

Check with the recipient.

  Simsy 15:09 05 Aug 06

though this is slightly mitigated against by your reference to "oldish kit", is that from OE version 6 there is an option that can be ticked that says;

"Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"

Excel attachments fall into this bracket.

If they are using Outlook express this option can be found via the menu bar..

Tools>Options and then the security tab.

This would be the first thing I'd get them to check. Note if this is the problem it's something that has to be done at their end, not yours.

Good luck,



  Jackcoms 15:11 05 Aug 06

That's what I just said isn't it?

  Simsy 15:19 05 Aug 06

You posted while I was still typing!



  Tinal 18:46 06 Aug 06

Thanks for your amazingly prompt suggestions guys but the (non-)recipient says he hasn't got options set to restrict delivery and that he regularly receives Excel files from another source. He does use Mailwasher to filter spam.
This has happened before but cant get hold of other non-recipients at the mo. Any other ideas?
Many thanks

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