Receiving Yahoo Mail on Outlook express

  Samsha 15:26 31 Aug 07

Hi. help please.

I have downloaded POPs and it is working find to send messages. However, I am not receiving messages from my Yahoo account. Any ideas? Also can I upload the emails I send from Outlook Express back into my Yahoo account. Thanks

  yaesu 15:41 31 Aug 07

HiSamsha, if you go to your Yahoo mail account and click on options (near top right of page)you'll get a screen with the option "pop access and fowarding" click this followed by "pop settings" on the next page. Part way down the new page that opens is setting up Outlook express (and several others). The next page carries step by step instructioms. I use Thunderbird here and it works well. Your second question about sent items, mine appear to be automatically included in Yahoo screen. Hope this works ok for you, regards, yaesu. ps I'm with BT and XP sp2.

  Samsha 20:07 01 Sep 07

I was using the old yahoo so the options menu did not have the POP access and forwarding option you mentioned. I changed to Yahoo beta and the option came up. However, it says that I need a Yahoo Plus account to do it. Is that right? I have a number of yahoo accounts and don't really want to pay for the Plus account. Thanks

  aine 16:08 02 Sep 07

I can confirm that that yahoo beta mail will not work with OE or vista mail, this was confirmed by yahoo

  jz 17:54 02 Sep 07

I've been using the Yahoo beta for months (and have the free version), and have no problems sending or receiving emails into Windows Mail. I have a address. I think that .com is different. Which do you have?

  beeuuem 18:51 02 Sep 07

When you say that you are not receiving messages what do you get when you try to download? Have you configured your Yahoo accounts to go through OE? Are you getting an error message?
I use YPops version 0.8.8.
If I update to version 0.9.1 it doesn't work.

  aine 20:53 03 Sep 07

JZ, I have windows mail, and use, i have tried in vain to programme it to work. All i get is error messages. Perhaps you could let me know the setup of your account. you can yellow box me. grateful if you would aine

  jz 23:51 04 Sep 07

Hi aine,

In Windows Mail menu Tools > Accounts, I click on my account and click "properties". I click on the "Server" tab and I set "Incoming Mail (Pop3)" to "". I don't set "Outgoing Mail (SMTP)" to what Yahoo say, but instead put a different SMTP address in. Some ISPs insist that you use their SMTP address, not Yahoo's.

You also have to enable POP3 in Yahoo's email options (log into your Yahoo webmail account to do this). You have to agree to receiving occasional adverts from them by email as part of this setup.

  aine 18:06 09 Sep 07

Jz, many thanks for help, I did what you suggested and it worked a treat, when i was on XP it would not work for me, i am now a happy mailer Aine

  jz 20:15 09 Oct 07

aine: it used to work in OE on XP for me, before I switched to my new Vista PC.

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