received e mail- is this genuine

  end 19:23 26 Apr 04

for starters does anyon know of this sourse or recognise it as a legitimate e mail adress, I am hesitant to put in on here in case it comes up as a "click here" and sends someone off to ..I received an e mail from this adress ansd opened it at work will try and print the whole message below;
th e mail address is"[email protected]"; I HOPE it does not come up as a "click here".
has anyone come across this address??I will see later if I can post the main content of the message....

  VoG II 19:26 26 Apr 04

Don't - you'll be bombarded with spam. NEVER click an Unsubscribe link - that's how the spammers know they've hit a real e-mail address.

  Valvegrid 19:28 26 Apr 04

I think if there is the slightest doubt in your mind about an email address, delete it.

  imjasonurnot 19:30 26 Apr 04

this site has a list of most/all
its from
click here
and it will show u the header info and this will tell u who and where the email trully came from

  end 19:35 26 Apr 04

hold it folks!!! hve NOT pressed ANY links on it!!am glad to say I know better than to do that!!all I HAVE done is to open it and print it out at work , nothing else...does anyone recognise that address//???

  stalion 20:05 26 Apr 04

have you got this

click here Regards

  Valvegrid 20:15 26 Apr 04

Have you tried looking at the web site? It looks pretty innocent to me.

click here

  end 20:31 26 Apr 04

would anyone else like to comment ON that website as psoted by Valvegrid??If anyone wants to try it on THEIR system and post back success or otherwise; the n feel freee...
PART of what the message to me says
"( OLX Public interest Announcment)

If you"ve received this message--thn you e mail address hs been screened circulating on junk e -mail and spam related mailing spam-traps junk- email ciculating online,parses multiple-recipient addresses and regiters "remove me" links into the remove-me database."

there is a lot more....
does anyone have any comments/?

and, no, I do not ahve mailwasher; think I hve decided that just clicking and chucking the things is for me, as mailwasher still means you ahve to do THAT as well....

  stalion 20:34 26 Apr 04

if you have mailwasher at least you can check your mail on the server.Regards

  end 20:40 26 Apr 04

with respect, do you know how talkgas mail works; as I dont really think mailwasher will make any difference. MY e mail gets displayed on my screen and I can check down to see who is what ; but back to th question...what of this intersting e mail??

  Valvegrid 21:00 26 Apr 04

Although the web site looks innocent enough, I think they are being a bit cheeky telling you, you can get rid of spam by spamming you with their email message, bit of double standards here, personally I don't think I would entertain them because of that, not only that you can get some very good programs that will filter spam if you need to.

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