Rebuild Problems

  SantasLittleHelper 03 Mar 12

Hi All, I have just rebuilt my computer, new motherboard, new video card, new power supply, new RAM, new hard disc, new monitor. The problem is that when I start it up sometimes I get an image on the screen and sometimes I don't. When there is no image it appears that there are no USB ports active as well. I haven't been able to put an operating system on yet, as I want to get it booting up correctly every time, first time. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful. Phil

Just to add, I have replaced the CPU as well. Phil

  KRONOS the First 03 Mar 12

What motherboard are you using make/model? Have you had a look in the bios? What do you expect to see if you have not,as yet, installed your OS? What beeps,if any are you hearing? Are your components compatible?

Hi, I have installed the ASrock N68C-S UCC motherboard, there are no beeps, I expected to see the boot up screen to allow me into the BIOS setup, but the monitor is blank, but sometimes it does show the boot up screen, but not very often. I find it very strange that there is no power to the USB ports when there is no image on the monitor. All parts I have fitted are compatible, one other thing I have noticed, the HD LED flashes at the same time as the CD LED, and in sequence. Phil

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Mar 12

What boot order have you set in BIOS?

Set CD as first, HDD as second and disable the rest.

  KRONOS the First 03 Mar 12

Sounds like a faulty bit of hardware, as you say you are not seeing the post screen then it is tie to start to check your components which can be tricky if you do not have alternatives.

I would remove all the components from the case and then using the anti- static bag the mobo came in I would assemble the parts, RAM, CPU, GPU, and touch a couple of pins to activate the "power on" I've used a small screwdriver to short the 2 pins to power up a motherboard . See if the PC posts. Report back.

Hi Fruit Bat, I set the boot order as you suggested the first time I could access the BIOS, I don't have a floppy drive installed. Phil

Hi Chronus, will do as you suggest, I assume you mean short the pins the power switch plug would go on, to fire it up? Phil

  KRONOS the First 03 Mar 12

Yep that's right.

Hi All, will have to continue tomorrow, wife stopped play, she wants taking out this evening, afraid she has no sense of priorities. Phil

Hi, did as you suggested Chronus, it worked, so I started connecting things one by one, all went o.k. until I connected the second DVD drive, it then emitted a screeching series of beeps and then crashed. I have removed this drive and ordered a new one. I still have one problem that maybe you can help me out on. I have one stick of 1Gb DDR2 RAM installed and everything works fine, if I install the second stick in the other DDR2 slot(identical RAM stick)it will not boot, I have tried swapping the sticks over, and as long as there is only one slot occupied it will boot, but not with both DDR2 slots occupied, any ideas would be very welcome. Thee motherboard has two yellow slots for DDR2 RAM, and two blue slots for DDR3 RAM, I am only using the DDR2 slots (yellow). Thanks, Phil


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