Rebooting loop after reaching desktop

  poph 16:05 13 Mar 10

acer pc with XP home edition, I get as far as desk top and pc goes to boot continuously,help required please.poph

  Diemmess 16:16 13 Mar 10

With so many possibilities, start with a simple test:
Shut down and after 30 seconds switch on again and keep tapping F8
When the screen shows alternatives listed in white on black, use up/down arrows to select

"Start using last good configuration"
Press <Enter> and cross your fingers!

  elaO 16:57 13 Mar 10

Thanks, but unfortunately this is not working. computer starts same way...
Sorry, any other ideas?
Thanks a lot

  OTT_B 17:10 13 Mar 10

Tap F8 on startup again, select Safe Mode with Networking.

Assuming it loads up ok, download bluescreeview (click here) and open it.

See if it brings any new info to light. Post back the results if there is anything you don't understand.

More info on Blue Screen View: click here

  Diemmess 17:26 13 Mar 10

Can you recall any change you made or anything at all unusual happening just before the reboot looping problem?

  poph 17:43 14 Mar 10

Thank you pals, all ok now, I tried all the info. presented and then resorted to system restore in safe mode. Seems OK now, thank you.

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