reboot- which order to install drivers?

  jay9614 16:28 16 Aug 07

hi, i have finally sorted my pc but have a lot of programs, software issues and other stuff im not sure if i need or not, so it would be quicker and easier to clean up by rebooting.

in what order should i install the drivers when i reboot? i remember doing it some time ago in the wrong order and ending up with no sound.

  Clapton is God 16:50 16 Aug 07

Am I missing the point here?

You say you are going to re-install drivers after a reboot.

A reboot is simply turning off and restarting the PC.

Or do you mean reformat?

  Devil Fish 22:57 16 Aug 07

if you are going for re - format you need install motherboard drivers first

IE chipset 1st then any other motherboard drivers you may require / usb / onboard sound if applicable / onboard network card if applicable

once you have done that then install your drivers for your peripherals (devices that you plug in ) printers scanners etc

  tullie 23:09 16 Aug 07

If you are formatting,when you re install your operating system,all you need is installed with windows.

  Devil Fish 23:18 16 Aug 07

in an ideal world that would be the case windows does have a lot of drivers included however it would be impossible for it to cover them all add to that the drivers supplied in windows may be dated

it is always preferable to use those supplied by the manufacturer

having built many systems over the years i can tell you 1st hand their are numerous drivers windows does not cover

  mrwoowoo 02:11 17 Aug 07

devil fish is correct.
windows does install a generic driver for the mainboard,which it has to do or the pc would not run.As it says,it is generic and basic,a stop gap if you like until you install the manufacturers drivers.
A pc could run quite happilly like this but it would not perform to it's full potential.

  tullie 08:13 17 Aug 07

Agree with you both,just advising on initial format to get up and running.
Mind you,on my last reformat i dident download any extra drivers,and still havent.

  Clapton is God 08:21 17 Aug 07
  jay9614 09:04 17 Aug 07

ok, thanks.
just 1 more question:
should i still install the intel onboard vga driver when i am using a graphics card(this probably sounds stupid, but im just making sure!)

  mrwoowoo 14:10 17 Aug 07

No,well i never do anyway. On some boards like mine you have to disable the onboard graphics in the bios so no point installing them.
Newer bords just require the new card and driver to be installed which then automatically takes over from the onboard graphics.

  Totally-braindead 15:51 17 Aug 07

Windows when being reinstalled will detect the new graphics card and install drivers for it - probably standard ones but thats enought to get you up and working.
I install windows, then the motherboard drivers, then the graphics card drivers then finally anything else. But I always install the motherbaord drivers first.

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