reboot problem

  jbaker65 12:48 16 Jul 08

when installing a program or an update we are often told to reboot the computer.
If I do so by shutting down and then re-booting, all is fine. However if I do so by clicking the reboot box, the computer shuts down and tries to reboot but a message appears saying the operating system could not be found.
Any ideas anyone?

  iqs 14:21 16 Jul 08

you HDD failing,or problems with the MBR,it could be corrupted .

  jbaker65 15:55 16 Jul 08

surely, if the master boot record was damaged the computer would not boot normally when switching on. The problem occurs only when clicking a 're-boot box'

  iqs 17:14 16 Jul 08

I thought the same as you,until my mates PC had a similar problem.

We tried everything we could think of,but nothing worked.Then out of sheer desperation he phoned for technical help.He was just about to reformat......

They went through what we had already tried,and finally they suggested repairing the MBR.I told him that was rubbish,but he repaired the MBR ,and it worked.

It worked to fix his fault,but wait until someone else has offered advice before repairing your MBR, if you feel that its not at fault.

  crosstrainer 17:17 16 Jul 08

Check your boot order in the BIOS screen. You can access this by pressing the DEL key whilst the machine boots.

First boot device should be (often isn't) set to HDD.

Change this to hdd and re-boot.

  jbaker65 15:57 17 Jul 08


  ronalddonald 20:34 17 Jul 08

you have a pen drive attached at the time you reboot, what happens with my laptop is that if restart or reboot when requested, the computer states no partiion found.

When my pen drive is not attache when rebootinng it goes through with no problem

  jbaker65 09:32 18 Jul 08

Thanks, but no pen drive.

  jbaker65 08:57 20 Jul 08

Thanks for efforts. This has not been resolved but I have decided whenever I get the instruction "click here to reboot" I shall just close down and re-boot manually.
Thanks again.

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