Reboot & lost previous screen resolution option

  Chegs ®™ 18:54 21 Sep 09

Last night I noticed a fan in my PC was louder than previously so ran SIW & found the GPU was 47C.Turned off the PC & cleaned out the crap from the graphics card/cpu heatsinks and now my PC has resumed quiet operations.On reboot,I found my desktop background was now showing a black border around its edges so attempted to set the resolution to 1440x900 (which it used to be & now is 1280x768)There is no longer the 1440x900 option,it jumps straight from 1360x768 to 1600x900.I have updated the graphics card driver(as got an error after reinstalling previous driver)and still no 1440x900 option.

Vista Ultimate 64 bit

Geforce 9600GT

Nvidia 185 (previous) & now 190

22" CIBOX monitor(lcd)

  Chegs ®™ 04:20 22 Sep 09


  Chegs ®™ 05:26 22 Sep 09

Well,I am now thoroughly impressed with Vista/Nvidia driver.The reason being,I had a long hard hunt through all the options & found a way to set a custom screen resolution.I would explain it fully if I could recall how I did it,but am now back on 1440x900 which was what I wanted as I had set this resolution back in september last year when I bought the PC.

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