Reboot better than collapse?

  MickinPlymouthUK 20:50 08 Aug 06

If Ive got about 6 games/simulations collapsed (right word) to the taskbar while I'm doing something else on the PC, are they still draining memory while sitting there?
Is it therefore best to exit a prog completely and reboot when you want to play it again, rather than leave it "on hold" on the taskbar?

  VoG II 21:01 08 Aug 06

Wrong word - 'minimized' is what you are looking for. 'Collapsed' sounds good though ;o)

AFAIK they do not use much memory when minimized.

  silverous 21:52 08 Aug 06

Yes, if a program is running it has to store its 'state' somewhere and that somewhere is memory. In theory it might store it out to disk but that would be slow and would only happen in theory if you are using more memory than you physically have. If you are able to do this, and it isn't causing you any probs, why not?

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