gel 15:56 07 Nov 05

I want to rearrange the USB's going into my PC ie. putting them into different 'ports'
Could some one advise me the actions I should take?
Thank you

  johnnyrocker 15:59 07 Nov 05

do you mean the ports or the connections to them.?


  Stuartli 16:18 07 Nov 05

You can attach USB devices to any port you wish, whether on your system or a hub.

  ACOLYTE 16:19 07 Nov 05

I dont think you actually move the ports,as they are connected to the mobo,well you could if you have the relevant knowledge and skill to do it,but it would be tricky.

  gel 16:36 07 Nov 05

Perhaps I did not explain well enough-sorry.
I want to move the cable at the end of my 'photo reader' and plug it into the 'socket ' that at present takes the 'magic stick' cable and switch them over-simply because the one cable is shorter than the other and by switching them it would solve the problem.
Hope this explains it

  Stuartli 16:42 07 Nov 05

I've already stated you can use any USB you wish...:-)

When you swap the two leads over you may find that the two devices are uninstalled and then immediately reinstalled, but it's nothing to worry about as they are "hot" swappable. You'll hear several bongs as this is carried out.

  wee eddie 16:51 07 Nov 05

Just buy a "Hub", preferably powered.

  gel 17:00 07 Nov 05

Thanks I got it now.
May just may buy a hub since I have run out of plug-in spots any way
Thanks for help-as good as ever

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