Realtek hi fi and Soundblaster problems

  jake2 10 Feb 13

In device manager I have realtek Hi definition audio and sound blaster x-fi Xtreme audio listed. Soundblaster is disabled. I downloaded a driver update for Sound blaster and enabled it. No sound. I disabled realtek and still no sound. My pc only produces sound when using realtek. As fas as I can remember remember the Sound blaster is a sound card and I'm guessing Realtek is onboard sound? Why would the sound blaster card not be working? Would I be better using the sound blaster card as opposed to the on board sound? (Windows xp) Thanks.

  mgmcc 10 Feb 13

With the Soundblaster card enabled in Device Manager, have you gone into the "Sound" applet in Control Panel and selected it as the Playback device to use?

  jake2 10 Feb 13

Thanks mgmcc Sound applet shows Soundblaster as default player and enabled in device manager. I disabled realtek and re booted, no sound at all on media player.

  jake2 10 Feb 13

If the realtek is the motherboard sound set up, would it prevent the soundblaster from working? Would turning that off in the bios help?

  lotvic 10 Feb 13

Check that you have firmly (and it's not loose) plugged your speakers into the Soundblaster cards light green socket and not still plugged into the onboard sound socket.

  simonsup 10 Feb 13

I had a similar problem and I found that I can not use both together without problems, so I had to disable the onboard sound ie the realtek in the bios then my soundblaster xfi card works fine.

  BRYNIT 10 Feb 13

As you say you have a sound blaster sound card and Realtek on board sound you should have two sets of output connectors, have you got the speakers connected to the correct output?


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