Realtek Audi how do I start and run it.

  prince midas 13:09 27 Oct 09

I have upgraded my Realteck Audio Drivers and now how do I run it as there are about a dozen exe files and which do I use to run the program.

  awest3 15:53 27 Oct 09

not quite sure what you mean. I've got realteck audio on my machine and have a small speaker icon which allows me to tweak some settings. You can also get to the HD setup through control Panel.
If you mean how do you install the drivers then one of the downloaded exe files is called either setup or install and you just double click to start it running.

  prince midas 17:48 27 Oct 09

I have got the Realteck icon to come up in the system tray and when I set the speakers for left and Right and I click on it,I get a test result sound out of each speaker in turn.But when I insert a CD into the CD Player no sound comes out.Yet when I do the same using another program called PowerDVD I get music with no problem.
On trawling the net I also find loads of people who cannot get Realteck to work.Wonder why there is no sound on Realteck yet PowerDVD plays with no problem.

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