Realtek AC97 Audo

  Patztheking 05:27 19 Dec 05

ok this problem just is annoying me, i bought a microhphone, and for a reason which for the life of me i cant figure out it only takes in sound when your 2 mm away, the microphone volume is set on full. any help with this would be greatly appreciated

  dogtrack 07:37 19 Dec 05

....your question, but! I have never had satisfactory usage out of onboard sound. It is ok for Windows built in noises and the like. Anything else however, forget it. You would be much better off buying a cheap Sound Card...there are plenty available. Just remember to switch off the onboard sound in the Bios, before installing it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:34 19 Dec 05

Sound setup
click here

  Stuartli 09:55 19 Dec 05

I've found onboard sound (in the form of the C-Media 8738 sound chipset I used for four years) to be excellent and the Realtek equivalent is slightly better...:-)

The 8738 produced some wonderful 3D effects from just two speakers and a sub-woofer and the helicopter demo download the company provides is stunningly realistic.

  dogtrack 07:07 21 Dec 05

Funny you should mention a helio. I have a dedicated machine for Flight Simulator. It originally used AC97 onboard sound. Well, there was more hissing, popping and screeching than an old SW Radio and all beautifully linked to the Throttle control. Installing a Creative Extigy card solved the problem. I would point out that I tried the Sim on another machine complete with AC97 and it behaved in a similar manner. Perhaps a case of horses for courses, so I shall stick with my Extigy.

  Patztheking 12:56 21 Dec 05

hey, i got the stupid thing working the other day but i had to restart comp n i lost it :(

  Stuartli 15:54 21 Dec 05

I stopped using C-Media onboard sound after four years when I was given a SoundBlaster Live!

There is a difference in that the sound is a little more full bodied with the Creative on my IBM 2.1 speakers, but the C-Media's transparency and clarity was remarkable for such a low cost unit (about £5-£10 in PCI form and the later 9738 and other chipsets are apparently even better).

  Stuartli 15:55 21 Dec 05

I presume you are using the correct socket for your microphone lead?

  Gongoozler 16:58 21 Dec 05

I think onboard sound can be good, but it depends on how the motherboard maker integrates the circuit into the motherboard. I don't think many motherboard manufacturers take sufficient care in isolating the sound circuits from the main motherboard functions, hence the clicking, popping and other noises.

  eedcam 17:51 21 Dec 05

Hi I got the 97 no problem with mic you say you have the volume set to full What do you have set up on the sound manager? dont forget the mic input also doubles as a sub woofer ouput depending on what you have selected

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