Realplayer - Codec Required

  SAH 18:56 01 Mar 08


I'm trying to play an AVI file using Realplayer, but it says that it needs to download new software to play the clip which it tries to do unsuccessfully .It then says there is no software available to play the clip and in the detail part of the report it says ICM.SP44 I assume this is the codec required, bit is there anywhere I can obtain this codec without downloading a virus!?

  gobuddygo 19:04 01 Mar 08

klite codecs
click here

  SAH 19:22 01 Mar 08

Thanks gobuddygo, not being funny but is it virus free, as I've come unstuck a few times trying to get this codec!

  tullie 19:36 01 Mar 08

If its not your anti virus will pick it up,if its upto date.

  gobuddygo 19:38 01 Mar 08

no probs they are fine

  SAH 19:43 01 Mar 08


  gobuddygo 19:50 01 Mar 08

as an after thought vlc plays most things codecs included
click here

  SAH 20:33 01 Mar 08

Thanks for the help everyone, I've now managed to find the codec I needed ICM.SP44 and I can watch the videos OK now! :-)

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