RealOnePlayer... :(

  Charleu 20:31 05 Mar 03

I was wondering if anyone can help me.
Up until a week or so ago I was using the RealPlayer G1 (the version before the latest one); everything was fine.
Now I have 'upgraded' to RealOnePlayer, the latest version.
Everytime I try to play a .ram (real audio) file from the net I get the following error message: "Realplayer has caused an error in HTTP3260.DLL. Realplayer will now close"
Thus I cannot use the software for what it was intended, i.e. playing streaming real audio. It works for eveything else, playing MP3s and so on, the built in browser works fine as well. I just can't play any real audio files! and as everything on the net is in real audio format its quite frustrating.
I have uninstalled and downloaded it again and reinstalled it to no avail whatsoever. I have also updated it with every piece of software going! Has anyone else had ths problem?
Does anyone have any idea whats wrong and how it might be fixed?

  MAJ 21:38 05 Mar 03

It seems to be some sort of ad seving component. Have you stripped out this sort of thing from Real Player so that it can no longer receive ads, maybe using adaware or some other Spyware removal software?

  Charleu 22:25 05 Mar 03

Its just the basic installation. I haven't altered any ad serving component at all.
Firstly I just downloaded and installed it from - it came up with this error. Then I updated it with all the additional plugins and so on and the same error came up. I then uninstalled it and downloaded it again - came up with same error. Then I downloaded then installed all the plugins again and it still came up with the same error.
Its really annoying as nothing I seem to do makes any difference at all.

  leo49 00:31 06 Mar 03

Maj is right - it's an adserver plug-in. Scroll down to that section;

click here

  billyliv 01:04 06 Mar 03

Hi, You don't say what OS. you are using but if you are using XP go back to your earliest restore point and try again. Cheers, Bill

  MAJ 07:22 06 Mar 03

Check to see if you have that file installed, Charleu, it should be in C:\Program files\Common Files\Real\Plugins, mine is 149k in size, assuming C: is the drive you have it installed on.

  MAJ 08:09 06 Mar 03

Also, , is it the free Basic player you're using, downloadable from click here

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