Really wierd pc problem.....

  fi-fi-007 21:41 07 Nov 05

I have got some thing really weird up with my pc which I have not come across before and I can not think what could be causing it. I have run my virus scanner and ad aware and it came up with nothing.

There are 2 ‘symptoms’

1) When on line it randomly goes back pages or goes to the home page.
2) It shuts down programs with no warning (and no option to save). It did this twice last night with photoshop in a short space of time, I was in the middle of working on something and the program just ‘disappeared’.

Any one any thoughts on the cause and solution? I can sort of live with the first problem but the second one is not good…..


  ACOLYTE 21:44 07 Nov 05

Well,have you checked the keyboard buttons are not stuck in,the second, do the programs have an error?,check the error logs somthing may be there even if now error box poped up.

  bruno 22:32 07 Nov 05

If you have XP can you not do a system restore to a date before the fault started.Have you installed anything recently which may have corrupted your computer?

  Jaro 22:37 07 Nov 05

this may sound funy but it happend to me before. i just by mistake pres alt and f4 dont ask me how i dont know but i did it and not only ones ;)

  Jaro 22:39 07 Nov 05

and it could be prob with you keyboard as ACOLYTE said try diferent one

  fi-fi-007 22:57 07 Nov 05

I should have said, tried a new keyboard at the weekend and it was still doing it.

I can find no trace of errors in the program.

The worst thing is that I have no real idea when it started doing it as it has been doing the internet thing for a while but got worse but I might try a system restore for a month ago say and see if that helps.

  Jaro 23:03 07 Nov 05

go here click here
and try more as fruit bat sugested. it may be some nasty trojan or anythink still in your PC. download some of tham and scan your comp with them.

  lotvic 00:44 08 Nov 05

try emptying your 'temp' folder (Start > run > %temp% > click on OK > select all by pressing Ctrl+A and then delete and then also empty your 'recyle bin'

Also in Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files delete Cookies and delete Files

  Totally-braindead 00:50 08 Nov 05

You could try repairing windows in case its something to do with a corrupt file.

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