Really slow start up ( 20mins) ?

  martin p 19:00 12 Feb 09

Hi All

My friends PC Mesh, with windowsXP issue 2
When he starts it, it takes 20mins or more to load,

The problem just seems to be getting worse and worse, he uses Norton Anti Virus as i'm told this could slow down your PC.
Thanks guys

Martin P

  Sobeit 19:24 12 Feb 09

Could be a million and one things.
They need to see what is actually loading at start up and disable anything that is not needed.
Go to > start > run type msconfig click ok, press the startup tab and look at the list.
If you are not sure what each thing is Google it.
Even better, download something like 'Advanced System Care' (free).
It will clean the system and it also has a statup manager.

  Scoodle 22:51 12 Feb 09

Martin. Does your friend really want to sort this out?


Ok, then. FORGET start up lists, registry cleaners, defrags, and - especially - any free software that promises to speed up/turbo-charge your computer.

This is what your friend needs to do: back-up all your important files on discs or external hard drive. Collect together all your important software program discs - Windows, Office, ISP server disc, Power DVD, whatever, and make sure you have all the codes and passwords required to activate and register them. If you - ahem - have any pirated software, then make sure you make a full copy of them too.

Then: Start - All Progs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore.

That's it. No farting around trying to cure this and speed up that. Clear the sodding lot out and start afresh.

You might even find - like I did - that your computer has a 'Ghost' system to automatically back up your files (is the main hard drive split into '2' drives such as C: and D:?) In which case you probably won't even have to reinstall Windows, tho' I did have to add the service packs afterwards.

Result - it'll feel as good and as fast as the day it was bought - 'cos it is the SAME as it was when it was bought!

There's nothing like it - no 'fixing' software can give these results.

After you've done this once, you'll probably do it every year or so - it'll become part of your spring clean; almost second nature.

I last did this around 3 weeks ago. My desktop icons were taking around 35-40 seconds to come up after logging on - painful. It is now virtually instant - a couple of seconds at most.

This should be standard practice for PC users - you won't believe the useless carp you accumulate over a year or two.

  martin p 23:24 12 Feb 09

Thanks guys, i will see my friend tomorrow, and let him decide.
Even i think he should do what Scoodle suggests

Regards MP
PS i like your style !!

  PSF 23:32 12 Feb 09

A re-install will be a good choice. One thing to check first, just in case, is to check that his hard drive is set to Ultra DMA mode 5 in the properties of the Primary IDE channel. If it is in PIO mode that would effect the loading and running speed of the drive.

  Spark6 23:35 12 Feb 09


  woodchip 23:41 12 Feb 09

Me I think thats the daft way to go, you should not need to got those extremes in XP.

What you could try is Disable Norton, But do not go on the Net without it being switched on. Disable it to try booting

  woodchip 23:44 12 Feb 09

If it starts back up try removing ticks in MSCONFIG for all Symantec Norton products before a reboot. then see how fast it starts

  PSF 23:48 12 Feb 09

You could remove Norton completly.
I did on my pc's the other day. I am now using Avast antivirus and Comodo firewall. The pc starts and runs a lot faster now. They are free and work well.

  woodchip 23:49 12 Feb 09

And I use Free Avast on four XP computers

  Les28 07:44 13 Feb 09

Is this a new thing that's just started or has it gradually been taking longer and longer to boot up?
Do you know how much RAM memory he has installed on the pc and how much free hard drive space?
Does it make a lot of noises when it's loading and how does it run when it's finally loaded ?
What model and has he got the operating manual for the pc?
Has he ever defragged and ran windows disk error checker or ever tried to boot into safe mode ?
Does he use any peer to peer P2P programs for downloading music, films etc, Les.

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