Really slow responses from my laptop

  sallysmum 19 Jul 11

I have a laptop with windows 7. Lately it has become very slow in reponding to anything and I sit and wait for ages when I click on something. I have also noticed that EVERY TIME I shut down it says it wants to install 1 of 1 updates. I have tried to get it to install the update but it wont do it. I looked at the installed updates and it seems that there are a lot of "Bing" ones that have failed. Also, sometimes when I shut down it says there is a programme that needs to close, but as far as I am concerned there isn't. Someone said there might be something running in the background. What do you think? I hope someone can help. Thank you.

  onthelimit1 20 Jul 11

Could be a virus - try running Malwarebytes. You can download a free version from here

  bubblebubble 20 Jul 11

I would uninstall everything to do with bing and delete as many old files and junk as possible. As well as that, a severely fragmented hard-drive can cause slowness. Have a go at using diskeeper ( they have free trials at their website) it's much faster and thorough than the in-built defragger.

  buteman 20 Jul 11

it is probably windows automatic updates that is causing the problem.

Switch it off and see if it makes any difference.


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