Is this really necessary

  Tryingmybest 01:06 26 Jan 07

I have a Compaq SR1629 which I have had for 1 year and 1 week. I have had engineers out 3 times as my CPU usage shoots up to 100% and wont budge. Keyboard and fan were blamed last time.They replaced mother board, CPU, fan and keyboard. This was mid November and its been running like a dream until today. CPU back up to 100%.(overnight. was fine yesterday) Very slow. Fan blasting away even though temperature is fine. Wont close down. Rang help line straight away. On the phone for an hour. checked loads of things but he cant find anything wrong. He just told me to do a system restore......again. Am I being led up garden path here? This will be 4th time in a year. Any suggestions please.

  Kate B 09:18 26 Jan 07

Have you scanned for spyware and malware? They can send the CPU off like a hamster on speed.

  Tryingmybest 09:58 26 Jan 07

Yes. AVG, Windows Defender, Ad-aware and spybot every day.

  birdface 10:31 26 Jan 07

Hi,Windows Defender never picks anything up on mine,I would download A Squared Or something like that,And just use it if you think that you may have problems,Someone might come up with a better Anti-Spyware program,Or if it is AVG-Anti-Virus you have,You could also download Avg Anti-Spyware .Dont want to confuse you but I would download a good Anti-Spyware program,You have ad-aware and spybot,Good programs,But not the best,

  Pamy 10:40 26 Jan 07

Hi, other than the cpu showing 100% use, is there anything not working as it should?

  PaulB2005 11:17 26 Jan 07

Which under processes can you not see which process is running at 100%?

  Tryingmybest 12:27 26 Jan 07

PaulB2005 - Its all under 'System' at 99% all the time.
Just recovered pc and before I did anything I checked task manager and it was still 100%. Helpline is sending engineer but feel i have been sold a pup.

  Tryingmybest 12:31 26 Jan 07

Pamy - can't close pc down without using power button. It also wont wake up after going into standby without being turned off using power button. Not too bad at moment but I've seen it all before and know the signs.Windows encounters problems and has to close programmes quite often.

  chub_tor 12:59 26 Jan 07

My problem with 100% CPU useage was slightly different click here but I solved mine by switching off Automatic Updates. You might want to give it a try.

  Pamy 11:59 30 Jan 07

Hi Tryingmybest, has engineer been and looked at your computer? If not, tou could try running chkdsk /f and/or sfc /scannow assuming you have your original XP disk

  p;3 13:28 30 Jan 07

bookmarking for my other tower which also runs a tad OTT

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