Really dumb printer question Espon Stylus R240

  bta1 10:56 23 Oct 05

i have just brouhgt my first phot printer. its an epson Stylus R240.

I have four ink cartridges, black, blue, magenta, yellow.
On the cartridges there is a very small peice of square plastic covering the ink nossel.
i made the assumption that you have to take these off to let the ink flow, but it is proving very difficult to take the small bit of plastic off. So is it meant to stay on there?

  pj123 11:00 23 Oct 05


  sidecar sid 12:16 23 Oct 05

Only remove the (usually) yellow tape from the top of the cartridge.

The piece covering the nozzle will be pierced when you insert it into the printer.

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