realcrap1 player

  john-232317 16:51 24 Jul 03

Yesterday my daughter in law came round to do some "learn direct" work on my pc.Being a BBC thing we had to download realplayer "why they cant use windows media player, i dont know".
Anyhow when i went to play my funny vids kept in WMP it cant find them although they still show in the playlist.Audio clips play ok. I have taken realplayer out but still no luck. Does anyone know where WMP stores the files, so i can check if they are still there. win98 wmp7.1 thanks john

  spikeychris 17:05 24 Jul 03

In the search for files and folders box type the below and hit enter.


The reason why the BBC runs with Realplayer is because the grief M$ and the company who created WMP where causing, they where arguing over who owned what and why so and a decision had to be made.


  john-232317 17:20 24 Jul 03

cheers mate will have a look in a min. Shame about the decision they made, but i spose i will have to suffer and convert...;-)

  john-232317 17:52 24 Jul 03

LIke you said, they are in windows 644KB db file, but gone into explorer and cant find them.

How can i access them to delete them, as its a big file to leave laying about, and i cant watch them through WMP.

thanks john

  spikeychris 17:59 24 Jul 03

John, have you found the file from search for files and folders? if so can you not delete them from there?


  john-232317 18:03 24 Jul 03

wot a twit, why didnt i think of that....

cheers mate sorted..

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