Real time microphone amplification software

  louissegal 09:37 AM 08 Jun 12

I've just bought a ZOOM H2 voice recorder and I've set it up so that it works as a microphone for my laptop. Is there any software that would allow real-time amplification of the recorder so that I could play it out of my Hi-Fi system?

  louissegal 17:45 PM 14 Jun 12

Has anyone had any luck finding anything?

  chub_tor 18:40 PM 14 Jun 12

Is this the device? if so it has a line out and there is an optional extra for stereo Y cable that goes to phono plugs. What inputs does your HiFi system have?

  louissegal 18:48 PM 14 Jun 12

Yes it is my device and it does have those inputs. What I was wanting is a software that allows me to use the microphone and re-lay the music out of my laptop (plugged into the Hi-fi System). The Zoom has a port that lets it be conncected to a computer (Mini USB to USB)

  chub_tor 19:08 PM 14 Jun 12

Why cannot you connect the microphone directly to the HiFi via either its microphone input or phono input? No software needed for that.

  louissegal 19:24 PM 14 Jun 12

So that I can record what I am saying

  chub_tor 20:30 PM 14 Jun 12

Now I am confused, the device you have is a recorder, so it will record everything you say on the SD card. I guess I don't understand what you are trying to do.

  louissegal 20:33 PM 14 Jun 12

Well, according to the manual, you can plug it into the computer, record what your are saying, and at the same time, output it to a Hi-Fi system plugged into the computer. That is what I am trying to achieve

  eedcam 22:27 PM 14 Jun 12

Audacity its free but any audio editing software should do thisd but be aware there will possibly be a slight delay between your actual voice and the recordingAUDACITY


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