Real FREE High Street Business Banking.

  Proclaimer 04 Feb 08

Yep, that is what I have had for 2 years now. Free business banking from LloydsTSB. So long as I bank online all transactions are free.

I use BGC, Cheques, Paypal and Quick Deposit facilities all for free and I am not charged for spending on my debit card or online.

It is worth looking at as when I went in person to all the banks here in town they all said the charged the same and that I was wasting my time trying to negotiate cheaper banking.

Imagine my surprise when LloydsTSB said they would do it for free!

I really have not paid a penny for banking and the account pays interest.

  Marko797 07 Feb 08

but with HSBC via their Business Internet Banking. If all your transactions are done by BIB, then (although the offer is free banking for 18 months only), you do actually end up with totally free business banking.

I also have a separate free account for putting aside the tax elements, which is a high interest a/c.

  Kemistri 07 Feb 08

If you join the Federation of Small Businesses - which is £100 per year and worth it in my opinion - you can get free business banking from the Co-operative.

  wildrover 08 Feb 08

I agree 100%

  PalaeoBill 09 Feb 08

I have free small business banking with Abbey and they pay interest on the current account. I am not restricted to on-line transactions and there was no time limit stipulated when I opened the account. As far as I know, it will be free for as long as I want the account.


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