Reading Acronis Backup HDD on another PC

  Alan2 25 Jul 11

The main HDD on my laptop has failed and it’s been sent off for repair but I would like to access the backed up data on its USB HDD.

The laptop uses Acronis TI 11 running Vista whilst my PC uses Acronis TI 10 on XP pro.

When the USB HDD is plugged into the PC it doesn’t show on My Computer but is listed under driver manager.

Is accessing this data a forlorn hope?

  mimosa418 25 Jul 11

Can you install TI 10 on your laptop. TI 11 will not read TI10 files.

  Alan2 25 Jul 11

The laptop is out of commission and I don't want to risk problems on the PC by installing TI 11 on it as I'm using TI 10 to back up the PC.

But thanks anyway.

  proudfoot 25 Jul 11

Try and D/L TI 10 from this link It is a trial copy and may work for a limited time for you to extract your TI 10 backup.

  Alan2 25 Jul 11

I found I had TI 11 on my PC so I disconnected its backup HDD and connected the laptop's backup HDD (to avoid any conflict) but the result was the same. ie it wasn't seen on my computer and Acronis couldn't see it either.

I'll give up for now.

  robin_x 25 Jul 11

Worry about Acronis after you get Desktop to recognise the USB HDD.

If it doesn't show in Explorer then no use looking for a backup image.

Have you tried the other USB ports on the Desktop, front and back?

Post back when you get time for another fiddle around.

Is it USB or mains powered HDD?


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