read this be aware keep your security up to date

  frankie 21:46 22 Jul 04

NEW YORK (AFP) - A new breed of computer worms and viruses, modified by hackers to avoid detection, is spreading at an alarming rate across the Internet, security experts said.

read down i deleted adverts

read down i deleted adverts

Most of the bugs appear to be new versions of old viruses and worms, some of which may have Trojan horse programs that can allow a hacker to take control of an infected computer to send spam or direct attacks.

Computer Associates said it discovered new variants of the Bagle and Mydoom worms, saying the number being detecting "is climbing alarmingly."

"With five Bagle variants in six days, several new techniques and the re-emergence of Mydoom, there is an intense threat environment across the Internet," said Sam Curry, vice president at CA.

The original Mydoom.A worm in January infected up to one million computers worldwide in just a few days, clogging the Internet and causing huge delays in the delivery of e-mails.

Another security firm, McAfee, meanwhile raised the risk assessment on the recently discovered worm, a new version of a virus that has been in circulation for several months.

McAfee said the worm can use "spoofed" addresses that make it appear to be an e-mail from a known person, and may appear to have music or photo attachments.

"Users should be very wary and should most likely delete any e-mail containing" reference to "foto3 and MP3," "fotogalary and Music" and other attachments.

The Finnish security firm F-Secure said the worm "has a backdoor" to allow a hacker who created the code to "connect to the computer and execute arbitrary programs."

MessageLabs, an e-mail security firm, said it has intercepted more than 17,615 copies of the latest variant of Bagle.
as if we havent got enough hmmm

  jonnytub 21:48 22 Jul 04

update, update, update everything!

  frankie 21:59 22 Jul 04

net getting so bad

  gudgulf 22:06 22 Jul 04

Agree with you jonnytub...and in the case of Adaware update again after you have finished,you will have missed at least one update by the time you have updated everything else lol.

  gudgulf 22:10 22 Jul 04

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the primary function of my pc is updating :o((

  frankie 22:15 22 Jul 04

me too make you right

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