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re writer

  nippy 13:09 07 Jan 04

Hi can anyone tell me why I can't re-write over my cd-rw or erase them new laptop I know nothing about saving to disk and then getting rid of rubbish

what is read only file mean can't delete

  Jester2K 13:13 07 Jan 04

What software are you using to write and erase the CDRW?

What error messages are you getting?

What version Windows?

"what is read only file mean can't delete" I assume you are trying to Delete files from a CDRW using Explorer. You can't. The files are stored on CD as Read Only. You can only remove them using the Burning Software (nero, Easy CD)

Please slow down. Explain the situation fully and clearly...

  nippy 13:26 07 Jan 04

thanks so far
window xp
what is the( cd nero easy cd )?
sorry can't explain very easy

  Jester2K 13:28 07 Jan 04

Nero and Easy CD are software (programs) used to burn (write) to the CDs.

Are you just dragging and dropping the files onto the CDs in Windows XP?

  nippy 13:33 07 Jan 04

not draging and dropping

I save in my document and the I open my computer and then I open document and send to cd from menu

  nippy 13:35 07 Jan 04

software on laptop already

  Jester2K 13:37 07 Jan 04

OK. So you are using the software built into XP.

You have a CD that you have data on and you want to format (erase the data on it) it?

Can you check that the CD is a CD-RW and not a CD-R.

  Jester2K 13:52 07 Jan 04

If the CD is a CD-R you can't re-use it. they are Use Once Only types.

If its a CD-RW then we are ok, but you can't delete individual files from the CD-RW.

To format a CD-RW right click the drive and select "Erase This CD-RW". This will blank ALL the data from the CD-RW and you can use it again.

  nippy 15:38 09 Jan 04

jester thanks

got nero 6 all ok now

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