Re -Use of old Hard Drive

  davidmoore 15:45 06 Mar 08

I have recently brought into use a new computer, Some time prior to this I had, renewed the Hard Drive on my old computer, which is still serviceable. I would like to transfer this old drive into my new computer as a second drive, but as the old drive still has the Windows XP OS on it, I am uncertain what may happen with having two OS in the same machine, but on different Drives.

Could you advise please is the old OS likely to try to start up on top of the new OS, or should I expect it to remain dormant, giving me the ability to simply access the old drive normally. In which case it would be preferable to delete the OS from the old drive. Is this likely to produce any problems?

  rawprawn 15:48 06 Mar 08

No you will be OK,your computer will start on your C: just fit it as "Slave" and then format it.

  crosstrainer 15:50 06 Mar 08

If you don't need the o/s on the drive, I would format it (NTFS) prior to installing it in your new machine.....However, as long as you set it to "slave" with the jumper on the back of the drive, and then ensure that your BIOS is set to boot only from your currently installed HDD, you should be able to install it, recover any files you need, and then format it.

  crosstrainer 15:52 06 Mar 08

How did you do that? Your post wasn't there when I clicked to post mine? :)

  Diemmess 16:03 06 Mar 08

If your new computer is similar to mine you may find there is only one IDE socket on the motherboard, IDE having given way to SATA in most new equipment.

In mine the only ide cable is used for the DVD gizmo, and though there is a spare connector on the cable.

Alternatively if you are only going to use the drive occasionally you might consider a powered case with USB connection as an external HD.

Whatever you do, it is unlikely to give trouble with the old Windows system already there and can be tamed by the others' advice.

  rawprawn 16:58 06 Mar 08

Sorry we must have been typing at the same time.

  wee eddie 17:59 06 Mar 08

Should anything go wrong when you open the Case and install the old HDD. The Seller will try, and may succeed, to wiggle out of the Warranty.

If you install the old HDD into an "USB Enclosure" it will become an External HDD and, once you've transferred the files to your new PC, you can Format the old Drive and use it as part of your Back-up policy.

  davidmoore 19:55 06 Mar 08

Thank you all very much for your prompt and helpful responses. It would appear from what you say, that I shoud be able to install the old drive as a slave in the new computer, and access any data on it without the old OS booting up in the process. I'll then delete the old OS.

I do have connections for another IDE drive in the new machine. I do have an external case, not used as yet, but it says it has limited maximun capacity, which is less than the size of my old Hard Drive unfortunately.

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