Re-use Case

  allstar 12:11 21 May 03


My brother-in-law is thinking of upgrading his PC. At present he has an AMD Duron processor but I am not sure what mobo he has.

If we were to rebuild with a new mobo for an AMD Athlon XP CPU would he be able to use the case or are the mobo's different sizes and shapes?


  Pilch.... 12:48 21 May 03

depending on if they are ATX or AT fit different types of cases...

If you can find out what make the board is, we can help you decide whether it is AT or ATX.

If it is newish, then highly likely to be ATX

  jimv7 13:13 21 May 03

And make sure that he has at least a 300watt psu in the case.

  allstar 13:18 21 May 03

Thanks for the replies.

I have had a problem finding out what the mobo is as Belarc just said "Asset Tag ABC0123"

I have now got aida32 personal and am gonna try that.

jimv - thanks for reminding me about the psu. Its the one thing i forgot to check through on my list.

  Pilch.... 13:59 21 May 03

This time more awake! it seems that the processor your bro in law has is duron, it should be ok, to put another board into that case.

  allstar 14:23 21 May 03

ok. thanks very much.

just been getting killed on BF1942 :)

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